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Who are we?

Are we a conscious mass made up of our experiences? If you hadn't went parking with Connie Cardova in the 11 grade would you be less spontaneous now? If you hadn't gotten into that fist fight with the guy from math class in the 5th grade would you be more meek and less of a predilection for fighting? Do all of our actions have a lifetime of reactions?

Are we simply products of our environment? Civilized people living in a civilized society. Except for that one strange neighbor that's up at all hours building weird shit in his garage because no one told him not to do drugs as a kid.

Once you think you know who you are and finally pick a path to becoming the best you you can imagine, is it easier to continue even when faced with things you know aren't right then to admit the direction you've chosen is wrong? Stick to your guns, keep the course.

But then... but then we are what people see we are. I see you, eyes and knees and heart I SEE you! But even then I see peopl…

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